Just a Taste!

Good golly, I’m so freakin’ excited!  Last week, our amazingly talented and sweet wedding photographers, Erin Hearts Court, sent over a tasty sampling of photos from our wedding.  This was their attempt to tide us over and whet our appetite for what’s to come…meaning – 1,200 or so photos for our viewing and framing pleasure.

Well, needless to say, they were successful.  I’m blown away by their talent.  They captured our day so perfectly, so beautifully…. I literally cannot stand it!  I’m pretty sure I even did a back flip.

Here’s just a taste so you can see why I’m so freakin’ excited.

Smoochin' in the woods during our first look!

Me and my papa just before the ceremony (note: my bosoms don't normally look like that!)

My adorable parents after the rainy ceremony

Our portrait shoot in the woods

Guess what? It rained...and we loved it!

Sexy time on the dance floor

Thank you so much Courtney and Erin.   I cannot wait to see what’s to come!

We Beat Carmen and Dennis!

Thursday was our two-month wedding anniversary.  Hooray!  And to celebrate the fact that we had made it TWO WHOLE MONTHS and beat the matrimonial union of Carmen Electra and Dennis Rodman, our dear friends Debbie and Danny graciously shared their Flip camera video footage of our wedding ceremony.  Yep, that’s right folks – another post about our wedding, you lucky devils!    

We love this photo taken by our amazing photographers Erin Hearts Court! I'm the one on the left.


 It was an awesome experience.  Since our wedding day, we have talked and reminisced about things we remembered from the day.  But even though it was only two months ago, it feels like it was two years ago… and the memories are already fading.  I’ve been grasping at any kernel of memory or photograph I can get my hands on and have been pleading my case to friends, desperate they have some videos from the day to help fill the cloudy void.  Well, Debbie and Danny delivered and it was amazing.   

We sat huddled around the coffee table, our necks craning to see the small video on her laptop.  Sitting cross-legged on the floor, we watched our entire wedding ceremony unfold before our eyes – from the sweet and funny start to the rain-soaked finish. These ten or twelve blissful minutes captured everything that we forgot had happened – the funny quips from our incredible officiant, my over-hamming-it-up to the audience (not intentional!!), the rain drops starting with a tiny pitter patter to a full-throttle pour right during the vows… it was so sweet.  Before I knew it I was crying.  Watching this magnificent moment as we became husband and wife – being able to relive every word, laugh, tear, was simply divine.    

It was funny.  When the video started, Danimal was sitting behind me.  But as the minutes passed, we inched closer to each other until we were sort of wrapped up in each other as we sat on the floor.  We began to hold on to each other more tightly, barely breathing as we carefully listened to the words our officiant worked so hard to perfect.  By the end, we resembled an entangled couple at a yoga retreat.       

I know all of this sounds so cheesy and dramatic.  It’s just a video for crying out loud!!   But this ceremony – this sacred ritual that so many others have experienced, was ours, and it meant so much to us.  I am so grateful to have been able to experience that moment again.   

To all of those getting hitched down the road, I highly recommend you hire a videographer, cinematographer, or a friend-with-a-cool-handheld-video-camera-ographer so you too can revisit this unparalleled day in your life.   

Thanks Debbie and Danny!

I Remember…Part 2 (long version…sorry)

Exactly one month and twelve days ago we said “I do” in the mountains of Colorado. It’s funny how, out of no where, memories of our wedding day just pop into my brain.  

My beautiful mother, Lana, with my handsome brothers.


For example, earlier today I was washing some leeks from the farmers market and BLAMMO – a vision of my mother from that day popped into my head, and it warmed me all over. I have never seen my mother look more beautiful than she was that day. She was utterly stunning. Perfection. Her dazzling pewter-colored dress made her look regal, chic, and frankly, pretty hot for a woman in her sixties! She floated about the day, doing more for me than I could ever imagine possible, with an elegance and grace that had me watching her in sheer awe.  

That memory of her sparked a million others. Still washing the leeks, I remembered how the day began – and it wasn’t pretty. No, it wasn’t puppy dogs and rainbows like every bride wishes the morning of her wedding to be. In fact, it was the opposite.  

After our wonderful welcome party the night before, Dan and I stayed up way too late, cramming to write the last checks for our vendors, calculating tips, sorting through a million last-minute details, and most important, perfecting our first dance surprise (more on that later). Dreams of getting a full night’s sleep at my parents’ condo were quickly squashed.  

We hardly slept a wink due to nerves and over-tiredness, if there’s such a thing. We woke up to a monsoon the morning of our wedding. W….T….F…?!? After a perfect week of beautiful Colorado summer weather, I knew rain and a dramatic temperature fall were in store for us, but I sort of just thought it wouldn’t happen. Ha! It did. Bleary eyed, Dan drove me to my parents’ condo to get ready.  He walked me inside, pulling my Mini Cooper-sized suitcase behind him. When he hugged me I broke down…crying on his shoulder. I was exhausted, and my spirit crushed by the persistent rain. The thing we all feared for 9 months was becoming our reality.  Our outdoor wedding seemed more and more unlikely with every passing minute.  

Our Plan B was to have the ceremony indoors in a tiny room with a very low ceiling. I knew in my heart our 97 guests and wedding party simply would not fit. So did everyone else involved. Rain was not an option.  

We quickly went into crisis mode dreaming up master plans of moving the ceremony to my parents’ beautiful and spacious rental condo or to the lobby downstairs. My dear friend and her mom were plotting and scheming, trying to figure out just how we could pull this off. I called our amazing wedding planner. She calmly talked me down from the edge. We decided to forge on and hold the wedding where it was intended. Each of us secretly praying the rain would stop in time.  

From that moment on, the fog in my head and heart lifted and I was like…”Bring it on!” Our hair and make-up artists began to arrive and I’m pretty sure I was dancing around the room like Monica from ‘Friends’ on her wedding day. We poured mimosas and my lovely bridesmaids began to arrive. Our photographer, Courtney, was snapping away, capturing the awesomeness of the occasion.  

Sara's 2-minute chalkboard sign and tiny cake topper medallions on our pretty dessert table. Yes, those are whoopie pies!


Sara, my amazing and favorite sister, was a rock star. Like, big time. I’m sure this happens to all brides, but I really excelled at NOT finishing most of the DIY projects I set out to do, including: chalkboard sign, cake topper, table numbers, button pins for wedding party… and about 5,743 other things. Sara is a talented artist and with her paints and pens she got down to business.  In a matter of minutes she whipped up a darling chalkboard sign, cake topper medallions, table numbers, and custom buttons for each of our 17 wedding party members. ROCK STAR!  

Tissue Poms galore! I think I have a new chandelier idea...


While I was getting primped and primed, my amazingly helpful bridesmaids worked to fluff the tissue poms I dreamed about from the moment Danimal proposed. I just love me some tissue poms. However,  I simply ran out of time during the week and figured they would be yet another wedding project casualty. But NOPE!  Bridesmaids to the rescue!  

At some point, my little brother corralled all 8 bridesmaids into the master bathroom and taught them the Lady Gaga ‘Bad Romance’ flash mob dance for the reception. How they all managed to learn this dance in 5 seconds still blows my mind! During all this commotion, the rain stopped and the sun squeaked through the clouds. Once two o’ clock rolled around, with one hour to go, they made the decision to have the wedding outdoors. Yesssssss!  

And then, it was time for me to put on my wedding gown. We hauled it into the main room so I could have that dramatic dress-slipping-on and mom-zipping-me-up moment. My dad walked in and I screamed…’DAD!! DON’T LOOK!!” and he dashed away. Then I realized that it was okay for my dad to see me in the dress…just not Dan.  Doh!  

Flash Mob practice! I believe this move is called the 'light bulb'.


Once the dress was on, I took a moment for myself in the powder room. I inspected my hair and make-up and twirled in the mirror. Just as I felt about my mother, I too, never felt more beautiful than I did on that day.  

Suddenly, it was go time. I was swept away to go meet Dan outside to have our first look. The photographers followed me like paparazzi as I made my way down the path to Dan.  Even from behind, he looked more handsome than ever. Ugh, that suit just killed me! He looked incredible. (I have such a crush on my husband) With butterflies in my stomach, I tapped his shoulder and he turned around. We both just laughed and hugged and cried a little (me, not him…yet). We just reveled in the moment, knowing what was about to happen. We walked back towards the waiting cars and exchanged gifts. And then, just like that, we were off – Mom and my brothers in one car, the girls in a bus, Dan and the photographers in their car, and then just me and my darling father in the limo.  

I sighed and looked at my dad, nervous and excited. He was stoic – hardly saying a word during our 3 minute drive to the lodge.  Since no thoughts or jokes came to mind, we just looked out the window and breathed.  

To be continued…

I Remember…Part 1

Everyone warned me and Dan-the-man (whom I’ve decided I will start calling “Danimal” from here on out. It’s just easier to type – and it was my first nickname for the kid)….

Let me start over. Everyone warned me and Danimal about our wedding day. “Pay attention to every detail” they’d say….”Soak it all in” … “It flies by!!”…”We don’t remember a thing about our wedding…!” Needless to say, we got the message. We took it all in. Every delicious little second. And you know what? I remember. I remember the whole, beautiful, amazing, emotional, and perfectly magical day.

I think my most favorite part of the day was when the two men I love most in this world, came to a crossroads at the altar, and my father, having just walked me down the aisle to “God Only Knows” by the Beach Boys – played by our wonderful bluegrass band, placed my hand into my love’s hand. That moment. That sweet, divine moment. I will never forget.

I remember holding Danimal’s hands and noticing he had this huge smile on his face and his eyes were smiling too. It was so sweet to see him like that. He seemed happy…like I was. Vain as I am, I also thought to myself…”Flex your triceps.”

I remember my legs were shaking and I thought…”Oh God. Legs…not now!” My veil began to blow all over the place and I kept wanting to pull it off my head. I was shivering when the wind picked up. I remember looking into the eyes of our dear friend Granville, who so graciously and touchingly married us. He spoke directly to us, a small smile on his face. It felt so personal and I remember listening to every word he said, which was sort of amazing for me (I usually space out at weddings or speeches) and actually thinking to myself…”Wow, you’re actually listening to Granville!” It was easy to. His ceremony was perfect.

I remember the two beautiful readings by our two equally beautiful friends. I remember looking over my shoulder at all of my gorgeous bridesmaids – standing there smiling at me, with their pashminas strewn over their head to keep the rain away from their hair. I remember Danimal’s sister, Jennifer’s, lovely song – sung a cappella. When Jen was singing the rain started to fall. Everyone was secretly wondering…”what do we do if it really starts to rain?”

We laughed, nervous from the rain. We squeezed hands. And then we exchanged vows – Danimal’s voice cracking at the very start of his and the emotion in his voice rang throughout my entire body, and I fell in love with him a million times over. The rain fell hard when it was my turn. I rushed through my vows, practically screaming them with joy. I’m pretty sure I even called him his special nickname, instead of Dan. It was pure and beautiful, and I wouldn’t change one thing.

I remember so many things from that day. Stay tuned as I recount the details over the next several weeks.

So now what?

June 27, 2010

Seriously…so now what?

For the past 2 weeks, I can’t help but ask this question. You see, I’m a newlywed.  Me and my adorable husband (dang I love saying that word!!), whom I shall call “Dan-the-man” from this point on, just got hitched exactly 15 days ago.  It was magical.   I wouldn’t change a thing.   I still get goosebumps and giggle out loud when I think about how amazing our mountain wedding adventure was.  In my opinion, it was perfection.  Even the cold, rainy day, and flu-riddled days before couldn’t spoil this most awesome experience for us.   Looky – here’s a pic:

We did it! Hooray!

But I digress.  Now I simply don’t know what to do with myself.  Yes, I have plenty of things to do.  Tons of things, in fact.  If you saw our house you’d know exactly what I’m talking about.  A good friend said last night… “It looks like Crate and Barrel threw-up in your house.”   It’s true.  Crate and Barrel did throw up in our house.  And Pottery Barn.  And Macy’s for that matter.  There must have been some sort of home decor store virus going around last month.

While we’re grateful for the copious wedding gifts to make our home even more homey, the piles of boxes and bubble-wrap are literally taking over our entire living room.  But like any daunting life task, I avoid it…like the plague.  Assuming it will just go away if I leave it alone.  I am very excited, though, to purge (er, recycle) the old, and put away all the gloriously white and shiny kitchenware.  I should probably unpack my wedding/honeymoon suitcase first.  We’ve been home for a week and 3 days.

Now that I don’t have a wedding to plan, my creative juices are desperately searching for an outlet.  I should probably be a little concerned about my sudden and dramatic urges to want to change, oh, just about EVERY SINGLE THING in my life right now.  Our house (redecorate it – the whole thing), our yard (grow a garden), my look (need a new look), my career (needs a kick in the pants), our finances (need to Suze Orman the crap out of it).   I could go on.  The one thing I don’t really want to change is my hair.  Nope!  Not one post-wedding chop here!  For now…

I hope you’ll ride along with me as I chronicle this roller coaster of a life…exploring newlywedville, Architectural Digest-worthy home design, career changing, identity figure-outing, baby-making (gasp!), and mastering the art of being a domestic goddess all while fighting the urge to make fun of the glorious Wisconsin accent.

Welcome aboard.

So now what?