April Showers

Hi there.  Remember me?  Since it’s been approximately 7 years since my last post, I figured it was high time to get back up on the pony and write a post or two.  I know, you’re stoked, right?  I think I just heard a collective ‘Thank God!’ from all of 4 of you readers.

So, a lot has been happening in Cheeseland.  As we approach D Day (due day) in 27 days, I have taken to nesting like nothing before.  In fact, I’ve coined this new wave of organization, cleaning and preparation SUPER NESTING, and I love it!  I’ve nested the crap out of this house, and there’s still more to do!   Birds got nothing on me.

We didn’t do it alone.  Preparing for a baby, or wedding, or any other life-changing event, truly does take a village.  A very special ritual has helped us to build this beautiful nest for our little girl, and that is the baby shower.  I have been blessed with some very loving and thoughtful friends, and was the lucky recipient of two beautiful baby showers.   My darling friends (and bridesmaids) Lenzo, Benny, and Kelly hosted a delightful shower in Chicago.  It was so wonderful to see all my old pals from Chicago.  The hosts served a beautiful brunch with mimosas and no-jitos (loved these!) and my favorite cookies (Oatmeal Scotchies) as a nod to my bestie Amy in Kansas.  The best part is that the grandmas-to-be were both there.  My mom and mother-in-law were so happy.  Dan was there for the gift opening and we were just blown away by the generosity of everyone.   

Lenzo and Kelly, two of the three lovely hostesses. Benny was...hostessing somewhere.


Part of my fabulous family!

The next weekend my sweet friends in Madison, Kelly and Shari, hosted another knock-out shower in Cheeseland.  Kelly and Shari are a creative bunch, and it started with a deluxe invitation designed by the gals.  DARLING!!!  My wonderful Madison friends were there, as well as my mom and little brother, Kevin.  The nibbles were delectable, the mimosas and spimosas (virgin mimosas with Sprite) were flowing, and it was a joy to be with my new Wisconsin-based family.  I felt very fortunate.  Our cup runneth over…with onesies.

The Madison crowd minus my amazing coworker friends.

The adorable treat bags designed by hostess and designer extraordinaire, Kelly!


Super adorable onesies

After all of the generosity, nesting, and village people, we finally finished the nursery.  It is my favorite room in the house.  I find myself just standing in there, looking around, picturing our little girl sleeping (or freaking out) in her crib.  I can’t believe it’s almost here.  Stay tuned for nursery pics.  They’re coming next.

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