A Room of One’s Own

We thought it would be nice for our kid to have a room of her own.  So after months of hemming and hawing (what does that really mean, anyway), we finally got to work.  It all started with a concert poster and a shag rug, but we’ll get back to that in a minute.

I obsessed over every detail, beginning with cribs.  I wanted to go as toxin-free as possible.  So I stalked several other blogs and did some research…quickly falling in love with a $900 crib.  Why does this always happen?!  In a blind taste test, I will ALWAYS fall for the most expensive one.  Luckily, I talked myself out of that one.  Then, I became obsessed with baby bedding.  Turns out, I didn’t really like anything on the market.  I scoured website after website searching for the perfect pattern – cool, contemporary, with a hint of sweetness or whimsy.  Nothing.  Then I got all wacky and decided I would just have the bedding made out of some perfect, yet-to-be-found fabric.  I was running around in circles.  Then I remembered the poster.

The inspiration.

Dan and I love the band Phish.  Last summer, we bought a signed poster when Phish played at Alpine Valley in Wisconsin.  Phish is very special to us.  Our first dance at our wedding was to Phish’s “Waste” and not long after that summer concert, we found out we were pregnant.  I instantly knew the poster would be perfect for the baby’s room.  It has a milk bottle on it, for crying out loud!  And just like that, it became the anchor of the room.  I drew inspiration from the bright colors and the pale aqua background and pops of dark brown. 

So with that, I ripped off the band-aid and made some decisions.  First, I bought a crib online.  Then, on a successful trip to Homegoods with my mom, I found a white shag rug that I thought was the perfect touch for the room.  We also scored some fabulous pieces – a turquoise table, a white and green pineapple lamp, and some fun wall art.  Next, I picked a wall color.  I wanted to go as non-toxic as possible, so I found the perfect VOC-free paint from Mythic called Another Day.

Love these pieces!

Then I found the most comfortable glider chair in the world.  We had to special order it from Buy Buy Baby, but I’m so glad we did.  I could sleep in this baby for days on end.  I’m very particular in my design taste, which means I often make things far more complicated than they need to be.  In this case, I wanted to incorporate some pattern and add some pops of color near the brown chair, so I bought fabric on Fabric.com and had pillows and an ottomon cover made.  I love the results!  Both pillows are two-sided so I can mix up the pattern and color combinations whenever I like, which turns out to be often.

The chair of all chairs and one pillow combination.

Then, we hung some wall art and assembled the changing table and boom, the nursery was done.


We stole the map from another room!

And the part I loved most was washing and folding every little outfit, receiving blanket, and burp cloth and loading up the changing table with everything a baby girl needs.    We love it!

A room of her own.
Okay baby girl, we’re ready for you!  But since you have 27 days left to keep cooking, just stay right where you are.  We’ll meet you soon enough.

5 thoughts on “A Room of One’s Own

  1. Caroline says:

    Love it all, Linds!! Everything has special meaning to you. And, I’m happy to hear you could sleep in your glider….because you will be doing a lot of just that!! Baby has got to eat….a lot…in those first few months :). Xo.

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