She’s Back!

Well, well, well…look who decided to show her face around these parts again.  Yes, it’s true.  I’ve been M.I.A. from the blog world lately.  My mind has been elsewhere – busy with baby preparation, nesting, work, and enjoying  time with my husband.  And, this third trimester has me feeling super tired lately!  I mean, really, really tired.  But enough about that.  Let’s get to the good stuff!

31 weeks belly shot! Looks more like I ate a giant hoagie, but it's a baby. Not a hoagie. I've always wanted to call a sandwich 'hoagie' like Cliff Huxtable.

Here’s a pic for Bump Watch 2011.  I’m nearly 31 weeks in this photo.  The kid is going NUTS in there!  She’s constantly moving.  In fact, I think she’s trying to get out…through my abdominal wall, a la that classic scene in ‘Alien’.  This is probably payback for me referring to her as an alien in the past.  For that, I am sorry, Baby.  You are a calm, sweet, beautiful and precious little angel that simply adores being squished into a yogic ball, upside down, forced to enjoy mommy’s latest fondness for ALL THINGS DAIRY (ice cream, yogurt, milk shakes, protein shakes, cheese, cheese curds, cheese spread (i love you), butter, and sundaes.  You’re welcome, darling girl.

Besides eating, I’ve been busy nesting.  And I’ll tell you what…I LOVE NESTING!  Nesting alone is reason to get pregnant!  It’s brilliant!  Normally I’m a big planner but not a good do-er when it comes to house stuff.  But, the organization fire is burning and I’ve been checking things off the list.  With the help of my talented mom (she has a serious knack for this stuff), we’ve been organizing rooms, drawers, and closets (all three of them!).  My husband and I are desperate to eliminate as much clutter and excess from our lives as possible, to help make our transition to parenthood as easy and calm as possible.  This purging and organizing process has been cathartic and wonderful for both of us.

So far, my favorite part has been putting the nursery together, and it’s nearly done!  It looks so beautiful. I stand in there for minutes on end just admiring the loveliness and envisioning our little one laying in her crib.  The vision of her in this room makes me so happy.  We turned our second bedroom into the nursery.  The transformation has been amazing!  Here’s a little tease  with the before picture.  As soon as we put the finishing touches on the room, I’ll post the after.

Here's the nursery in a state of chaos.

Dan and I assembled the crib together and lived to tell about it.  So that’s good.  We’ve painted the walls a gorgeous shade of pale aqua using this fantastic eco and baby-friendly VOC-free paint from Mythic.  My wonderful parents visited for a couple of days and painted the room and assembled the changing table while Dan and I were at work.  So nice of them!  They did an amazing job.   We’re just waiting for the chair and the pillows I had made to arrive and voila!  Baby’s got a room of her own.  I can’t wait!!!!!!

We’re also busy taking a baby class once a week.  Now this is funny.  Since Dan and I have zero experience with labor, delivery, and newborn care, this class has been quite helpful…and comical.  The videos they make us watch are worth every dollar we’ve spent on this class.  Though, they have now turned me off of the idea of actually delivering this baby.  I’ve decided I’d like her to just arrive the old fashioned way – via stork.  This week we moved on from the terrors of labor and delivery and learned how to care for our newborn.  Here’s a pic of Dan burping the baby.  Awwww.

Burp the baby. I practiced on Dan later.

All in all, there have been many adventures in Cheeseland lately, with updating our kitchen (doh!), and a visit from my beautiful sister, Sara, to celebrating lot’s of 30th birthdays of my (younger) friends, and spending time with new friends, which has been especially lovely.  Life is good.   Now, will someone please bring me some ice cream.  Mama needs to get her snack on.

7 thoughts on “She’s Back!

  1. Lindsay says:

    oh yeah, meg! It’s non-toxic, so it emits zero harmful gasses. And, it’s soap and water washable. Brilliant!

  2. Caroline says:

    Amy, like Willy Wonka’s candy wallpaper in Charlie & the Choc Factory? Linds, have any left over??

    You look fabulous, by the way!

  3. Monika says:

    We used Mythic Paint in Graham Cracker for Baby B’s room and it is fabulous to work with for even a non painter like Stew. I was probably 30 something weeks pregnant when we got around to painting the nursery and there were no fumes.

    P.S. You look FABULOUS!

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