I really want a poached egg!

Looks like someone forgot she had a blog.  Yep.  Completely forgot, to be honest.  I have a good excuse though.  I’ve been a little distracted lately because…

Mama’s got a bun in the oven!

Yep, we’re 14.5 weeks pregnant today and we couldn’t be more thrilled!  When I rolled over into the second trimester last week, I was excited to say farewell to the slightly bumpy (nauseated) first trimester.  They say the second is the best trimester, cuz you typically feel great, have a lot of energy, and your bump starts to show a lot which means you get to enjoy the wonderment of your growing belly.  But so far the journey has been mostly delightful AND 100% entertaining. 

Just looking back at all the changes I’ve gone through since finding out…blows my mind.  And we’re so early in this journey, too!  Just to clue you in on what I’m talking about, here’s a little list for your reading pleasure.

Things That Blow My Mind About Being Pregnant

  1. Saying farewell to wine:  I never knew how hard it was to part with my nightly ritual of enjoying a glass of wine with our dinner.  It’s a wonderful ritual and one I look forward to reprising in exactly 179 days.
  2. Bidding adieu to my beloved coffee:  Coffee wasn’t as hard to part with as I sort of weened myself off the stuff a couple of weeks before we got preggers. I highly recommend this tactic.
  3. First ultrasound:  I remember that moment so clearly when up on the screen we saw our little 6.5 week old bean and my life changed forever.
  4. Vegetables are the devil: For the first trimester I grew to dispise vegetables.  For those who know me, this was a bit funny since I tend to subsist on produce.  However, I’ve wanted NOTHING to do with them. I still hate spinach, onions, and garlic – three former staples of my diet.
  5. Our baby will be a loaf of bread:  I have eaten more bread in the past 14 weeks than should really be discussed.  It’s all I want! You name it – Peanut butter toast. Pretzel rolls. An entire loaf of sourdough. Oh yeah – it’s on.
  6. The Bloat:  Feeling bloated. Looking bloated. Whatever you call it, it’s been a constant companion for the past 14 weeks, because I technically do not look pregnant yet (except to me and my husband).  In fact, sometimes I catch a glimpse of myself and think…”oh crap!  I’m getting fat! ” and then I remember I’m pregnant and that’s a baby popping out.  Phew.
  7. Impressionable & random cravings:  Again, for those who know me well, you know that I have a severe craving disorder.  But that’s nothing compared to what I’m experiencing now.  For example – right now, all I want in the world is poached eggs on toast.  Last night, out of nowhere, while eating my dinner, I HAD to have English toffee.  In fact,  I still want it.  Two nights ago, we had to make an unscheduled stop for a bag of Twizzlers to cure a leftover craving from the previous evening.
  8. Food aversions:  This has been the worst part of the pregnancy so far – so I’ve been lucky!  There are some foods and smells that I cannot stand for a second.  My poor husband ate something the other day and I couldn’t kiss him or even sleep close to him because it was on his breath.  Doh!   In fact, I had to wake him up to make him roll over so he wasn’t breathing in my direction.  Poor guy.  He’s being a champ about it, though.  The worst part is when I kiss him good-bye in the morning and have to gently remind him…”oh, and please be mindful of what you eat today. Thanks!”   Not cool.
  9. Extreme hunger:  As soon as the nausea dissolved, the hunger settled in.  I seriously cannot stop eating.  Every morning my breakfast is quickly followed by a second breakfast.  I’ve turned into a Hobbit. 
  10. Acne:  Enough said.
  11. Championship-level Exhaustion:  This has recently popped into my life.  Lately, I can hardly keep my eyes open –  at all times of the day.  I can sleep for 12 hours – no problem, and still be exhausted pretty much all day long.  I’m looking forward to this part being over.
  12. Constant farts:  Sorry Mom and Dad, I had to go there.  Gas is an undeniable and quite funny part of being pregnant.  Humility in our house died about 4 weeks ago.
  13. Constipation:  Seriously?!?!  What gives?!!
  14. Super emotional:  I cry all the time now.  An episode of “The Gilmore Girls” had me hunched over bawling into my lap the other day.  I’ve turned to comedies to fend off any more outbreaks.
  15. Movement & Sound:  We’ve been lucky to have a few ultrasounds already and got to hear the heartbeat. I’ve never been more thrilled and proud than when I heard his or her little heart beat.  Seeing him or her moving around on the screen was pretty exquisite, too. 
  16. The baby name conversation:  Don’t even get me started.   
  17. And to make-up for the farts: Boobs.

Stay tuned as I chronicle this exciting and life-changing adventure we’re on.  We feel so blessed and humbled to be experiencing this gift, and I don’t want to forget any details.  I might just have to call this “Adventures in Babyland”.

5 thoughts on “I really want a poached egg!

  1. Erin says:

    Yay! Congratulations! I’ve never been so hungry in my life as I was when pregnant. I think it’s the lucky girls that get hungry rather than nauseous. I’m so excited for you and can’t wait to hear all about it.

  2. Mardee says:

    Congratulations, Lindsay!!!! So excited for you! Loved reading this blog – a perfect “two-fer” (an opportunity to enjoy your your wit and humor, AND get a dose of really great news!) Okay, now a little heads-up: You know that “champion-level exhaustion” you mention? Ummmm … I have two teenagers and well, let’s just say you better get used to that one! (But it’s well worth it. Really.)

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