I Caved (an update)

Kids.  It’s a good day at the Willsap Ranch.  You might remember I wrote about my inability to actually cash in my flurry of gift cards due to the phenomenon I’ve labeled ‘The Candy Store Effect‘.  Well, lo and behold…I did it.  I bought some “candy” and it arrived in the mail today.

I think it all began last week when I had a much-needed fashion epiphany.  In a whim of sheer genius in the aisles of Target surrounded by rockin’ sweater dresses and striped turtlenecks, I chose a color palette to guide me through the insanity of shopping.  Ladies and gentlemen, please give a warm welcome to the color we all know and love….


And to celebrate my adoption of Gray-is-the-new-Lindsay, I set out to purchase a few goodies from the candy J.Crew store.

In the form of a…

Deliciously Preppy School Boy Blazer. Love, Love, Lurv this. As my lil bro quoting Rachel Zoe says…I die.

Wool Navy Schoolboy Blazer. Fabulous!

BUSTED.  I know this blazer is not gray.  It’s navy.  I love navy.  I feel beautiful in navy.  So I bought it. In Navy.

Tasty Boyfriend Sweatshirt Sweater.
Adorable and sexy.  It’s sexdorable.   However, I should have trusted my instincts and chosen the light gray version.  The dark gray is actually so dark you can’t see the fun sweatshirt details.

Merino Boyfriend Sweatshirt Sweater

Merino Boyfriend Sweatshirt Sweater - Adorable & Sexy!

Scrumptious Infinity Cardigan
.  It’s classic, simple, and really cute.  Okay, maybe I went a little overboard on the gray.  I still like it though. I’ll keep you, Infinity Cardigan. Now make me some dinner.

Infinity Cardigan

Dock-Stripe Perfect Shirt.
Fits perfectly.  I love a good, classic shirt.  It’s very thin and soft, but I can see this getting quite wrinkled.  Which means this shirt might be worn exactly ONCE, since I do not own an ironing board.

Dock-stripe Perfect Shirt. Do docks have stripes?

While we’re on the subject of ‘a perfectly fitting shirt’, I am completely in love with the beautifully tailored Brooks Brothers Non-iron Fitted Stretch Shirt.  It’s a splurge, but washes and hangs perfectly, and the fit is so gorgeous.  Sexy, smart, and classic.

And, I had another victory this week.  In a second whim of sheer genius (it’s been a good week), I FINALLY made it to Bed Bath & Beyond to buy curtains for our kitchen sink window.  Good Lord it’s high time!   I have wanted a new curtain for this kitchen for exactly 3.5 years.

Look out!  Things are happening people.  If I keep up this wave of accomplishment, I might even save the world…or the cheerleader, or figure out how on Earth Sarah Palin ever got famous.

Happy shopping!!

3 thoughts on “I Caved (an update)

  1. Stacy Busking says:

    I lerved your blog. Well done, Lindzard Willsap. Starting with Navy in a topic of gray made my day. Oh, btw, I TOO love navy! I love having things in common with someone as rad as you. ;p

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