We Beat Carmen and Dennis!

Thursday was our two-month wedding anniversary.  Hooray!  And to celebrate the fact that we had made it TWO WHOLE MONTHS and beat the matrimonial union of Carmen Electra and Dennis Rodman, our dear friends Debbie and Danny graciously shared their Flip camera video footage of our wedding ceremony.  Yep, that’s right folks – another post about our wedding, you lucky devils!    

We love this photo taken by our amazing photographers Erin Hearts Court! I'm the one on the left.


 It was an awesome experience.  Since our wedding day, we have talked and reminisced about things we remembered from the day.  But even though it was only two months ago, it feels like it was two years ago… and the memories are already fading.  I’ve been grasping at any kernel of memory or photograph I can get my hands on and have been pleading my case to friends, desperate they have some videos from the day to help fill the cloudy void.  Well, Debbie and Danny delivered and it was amazing.   

We sat huddled around the coffee table, our necks craning to see the small video on her laptop.  Sitting cross-legged on the floor, we watched our entire wedding ceremony unfold before our eyes – from the sweet and funny start to the rain-soaked finish. These ten or twelve blissful minutes captured everything that we forgot had happened – the funny quips from our incredible officiant, my over-hamming-it-up to the audience (not intentional!!), the rain drops starting with a tiny pitter patter to a full-throttle pour right during the vows… it was so sweet.  Before I knew it I was crying.  Watching this magnificent moment as we became husband and wife – being able to relive every word, laugh, tear, was simply divine.    

It was funny.  When the video started, Danimal was sitting behind me.  But as the minutes passed, we inched closer to each other until we were sort of wrapped up in each other as we sat on the floor.  We began to hold on to each other more tightly, barely breathing as we carefully listened to the words our officiant worked so hard to perfect.  By the end, we resembled an entangled couple at a yoga retreat.       

I know all of this sounds so cheesy and dramatic.  It’s just a video for crying out loud!!   But this ceremony – this sacred ritual that so many others have experienced, was ours, and it meant so much to us.  I am so grateful to have been able to experience that moment again.   

To all of those getting hitched down the road, I highly recommend you hire a videographer, cinematographer, or a friend-with-a-cool-handheld-video-camera-ographer so you too can revisit this unparalleled day in your life.   

Thanks Debbie and Danny!

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