Favorite Songs Sunday!

Happy Sunday, y’all!  I love Sundays.  I always have.  I can’t explain it – most people hate Sundays because it means we have to go back to work or school the next day or are forced to get dressed up in scratchy clothes and go to church.  But me…I love ’em.  I usually wake up on a Sunday morning and when the realization that it is indeed Sunday pops into my sleepy brain, a giddy feeling washes over me, similar to that feeling of realizing it’s Christmas morning.  

There’s just something about Sundays for me – like a joyful, indulgent, don’t-have-to-run-a-million-errands-like-on-Saturday feeling.  I can wake up, make way too much coffee, turn on my favorite program (that’s what my grandma called her TV shows) ‘Sunday Morning’ on CBS, flip through the unread magazines, and make To Do lists in my head that will be quickly forgotten.  After my dose of political magazine shows (aka ‘programs’), I usually turn off the TV for the rest of the day, put my iTunes on shuffle, and enjoy the sweet revery of freedom that we still have before we trot down the path to parenthood. 

So this morning, I was listening to some sweet tunes in the background while cooking up a batch of not fantastic french toast, the coolest thing happened.  The five songs I am obsessed with this week all played in a row!!  

So, after doing three backflips, I decided to share with you my favorite songs of the week. You are so welcome.  Really – it was no trouble at all.  If I were a more sophisticated and less lazy blogger/person, I would have figured out how to actually embed the songs into this here blog.  

  1. This is the Song (Good Luck)   –   Punch Brothers  (saw them perform with Steve Martin!)
  2. Home   –   Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
  3. Cosmic Love   –   Florence + The Machine 
  4. Jar of Hearts  –  Christina Perri 
  5. Little Lion Man  –  Mumford Sons
  6. Bonus track:  Leggy Blonde  –  Flight of the Conchords

Behold the Duchess de Mustard at the National Mustard Day celebration. She was delicious.


 National Mustard Day Update  

And, for your viewing pleasure, I thought you should see evidence of our meeting the one and only Duchess de Mustard at the National Mustard Day celebration on Saturday.  Her name was Vy, she was 4’11” tall, and probably 80 years old.  I tried to put her on a ham sandwich, but she put up a tough fight.

One thought on “Favorite Songs Sunday!

  1. kelly says:

    love the punch brothers! have you heard of nickel creek? one of the guys in PB used to be in nickel creek – they are/were awesome!

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