What Would Martha Do?

I’m sure all of you (all 3 of you) are die-hard Martha Stewart fans, right?   I mean, who isn’t?!?   So that means you must have seen her enviable monthly To Do list calendar in her eponymous magazine.  Read:  Total. Over. Achiever. 

So here’s the thing.  Danimal and I finally have the weekend off.  Praise Jesus!  This means that a) he doesn’t have to work, b) no house guests (though we love ‘em), c) no weddings or bridal showers or birthday parties or Baht mitzvahs to attend.  Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zero. Hooray! 

As a result of our impending state of NOTHINGNESS, we’ve compiled a massive List ‘O’ Crap to do this weekend. Some of it is fun crap.  Other stuff is stupid crap.  But unlike our over-achieving domestic goddess Martha, we tend to lean more towards the “never quite get anything done” list.  So this is where you come in.  Help us decide which crap we should attempt to do over the next 48 hours so we can finally cross something off the damn list. 

The Willsaps Massive List ‘O’ Crap (some fun, some stupid) to Do this Weekend

1.    Friday Fish Fry (location TBD):  For you non-Wisconsin peeps, this is a big deal in Wisconsin.  Fish is fried, people gather, yada yada yada… 

2.    Celebrate National Mustard Day with a bunch of mustard-loving weirdos at our town’s National Mustard Museum. Jealous?!  

National Mustard Day will be celebrated at the National Mustard Museum in lovely Middleton, Wisconsin.

National Mustard Day!! Hooray!


3.    Fashion a necklace made of pretzels or a sweater vest made of hot dog buns to wear to National Mustard Day (see #2) 

4.    Buy Dan his first road bike!!!  (I vote for this one) 

5.    Go to the Farmers Market on the Square 

6.    Have a bake sale / car wash to raise funds for a new road bike (see #4) 

7.    Open a joint-banking account (gasp!) 

8.    Visit our friends who just moved to ‘Tosa (That’s a nickname for a funny-sounding Wisconsin town. There’s a ton of them. Check it out!) 

  • Wauwatosa
  • Oconomowoc (try saying this after 5 beers)
  • Ashwaubenon
  • Oostburg
  • Beaver Dam (this makes me chuckle)
  • Mukwonago

9.    Attend the Sugar Maple Festival to get our bluegrass on 

10.    Buy Lindsay a new mountain bike!! 

11.    Pretend to prepare the paperwork to officially change my name 

12.    Check out the new restaurant Graze and order every single starter on the menu 

13.    Work out (LOL!) 

14.    Nap… a lot 

15.    Cocktail cruise on the boat 

16.    Weed the yard 

 So many delightful options!  So, give it to us straight.  What should we two childless “adults” do this weekend? 

What are you doing this weekend….that involves mustard?  (keep it clean) 

2 thoughts on “What Would Martha Do?

    • Lindsay Millsap Williams says:

      Alas, no. The pull of the mustard was just too strong. We hope the house fixing was a success! We cannot wait to see it (and you)!

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