I Remember…Part 1

Everyone warned me and Dan-the-man (whom I’ve decided I will start calling “Danimal” from here on out. It’s just easier to type – and it was my first nickname for the kid)….

Let me start over. Everyone warned me and Danimal about our wedding day. “Pay attention to every detail” they’d say….”Soak it all in” … “It flies by!!”…”We don’t remember a thing about our wedding…!” Needless to say, we got the message. We took it all in. Every delicious little second. And you know what? I remember. I remember the whole, beautiful, amazing, emotional, and perfectly magical day.

I think my most favorite part of the day was when the two men I love most in this world, came to a crossroads at the altar, and my father, having just walked me down the aisle to “God Only Knows” by the Beach Boys – played by our wonderful bluegrass band, placed my hand into my love’s hand. That moment. That sweet, divine moment. I will never forget.

I remember holding Danimal’s hands and noticing he had this huge smile on his face and his eyes were smiling too. It was so sweet to see him like that. He seemed happy…like I was. Vain as I am, I also thought to myself…”Flex your triceps.”

I remember my legs were shaking and I thought…”Oh God. Legs…not now!” My veil began to blow all over the place and I kept wanting to pull it off my head. I was shivering when the wind picked up. I remember looking into the eyes of our dear friend Granville, who so graciously and touchingly married us. He spoke directly to us, a small smile on his face. It felt so personal and I remember listening to every word he said, which was sort of amazing for me (I usually space out at weddings or speeches) and actually thinking to myself…”Wow, you’re actually listening to Granville!” It was easy to. His ceremony was perfect.

I remember the two beautiful readings by our two equally beautiful friends. I remember looking over my shoulder at all of my gorgeous bridesmaids – standing there smiling at me, with their pashminas strewn over their head to keep the rain away from their hair. I remember Danimal’s sister, Jennifer’s, lovely song – sung a cappella. When Jen was singing the rain started to fall. Everyone was secretly wondering…”what do we do if it really starts to rain?”

We laughed, nervous from the rain. We squeezed hands. And then we exchanged vows – Danimal’s voice cracking at the very start of his and the emotion in his voice rang throughout my entire body, and I fell in love with him a million times over. The rain fell hard when it was my turn. I rushed through my vows, practically screaming them with joy. I’m pretty sure I even called him his special nickname, instead of Dan. It was pure and beautiful, and I wouldn’t change one thing.

I remember so many things from that day. Stay tuned as I recount the details over the next several weeks.

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