Going Org

Unlike our little darling, Sarah Palin, I am not Going Rogue. Rather, I’m going org… as in organic. I’ve been mostly organic for a couple of years – simply doing the best I can with food and personal/ household products. But now, as baby-making (whoa) looms in the not-so-far-off future, and the fact that I love someone so much that I want him to live forever (like I intend to)…I want to make an even stronger commitment to going organic. I want the best for us.

Even if the experts have yet to prove that organic food and products are better for us in the long run, that’s okay! I’m happy knowing that I’m as chemical-free as I can be. Yes, I still imbibe on wines and beers that aren’t organic and eat plenty of foods and use some products that are not organic – especially when I’m not at home. No worries! In the end, I just want to lessen the blow and do my part to keep potentially toxic chemicals and nasty pesticides out of me and away from the land and water we all share. I do the best I can. Fortunately, I am in the position to do so. Not everyone is.

What really burns my biscuits is that in our country, finding and being able to afford fresh, organic food is not always easy. My local Copps grocery store has a very limited supply of organic food and products. This seems to be the trend. Most mainstream grocery stores only offer a small amount, if any, organic products. Don’t even get me started on the shamefully limited fresh produce or even GROCERY STORES in many urban centers in the U.S. How can we be healthy if we can’t even buy healthy food?

When I started eating mostly vegetarian and dramatically reducing my dairy intake my body just changed. I dropped 10-15 lbs. without even trying and my reflux and migraines faded. It’s great! It’s also a lot of work, too. It costs a lot to buy all of that organic (and not organic) produce AND you have to be creative in the kitchen. Sometimes just grilling a chicken breast is a hell of a lot more appealing and speedy.

So, for our household, here are some ways we’ve made the “commitment” to going green and organic:

1. Switched to organic household cleaners & detergent and stopped using fabric softener sheets. Instead, we use these!

2. …Organic / recycled household paper products (not fully, but we’re working on it)

3. …Organic toiletry products (as much as I can manage) — Today I took to work a large box of stuff to work I didn’t want to use anymore. I put a sign on it that said “Help Yourself”. (The box was empty by the end of the day!)

4. …Organic soil and grass fertilizer

5. I cook mostly vegetarian/vegan ~ I cook only vegetarian meals for us at home, but will occasionally enjoy some meat at restaurants, etc.

6. IF I buy meat to cook and I can control the selection, I go organic/grass-fed beef. This is definitely an indulgence and we appreciate the treat. Overall, we’re trying to reduce our meat consumption for our health and for the environment.

Organic To Do List

1. Join my local organic CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program for heaps of fresh organic produce EVERY week! I’m very excited about this!

2. Switch to organic/cruelty-free cosmetics. This will be difficult for two reasons: 1) I’m vain. 2) I love make-up!

3. Next year I will attempt to grow my own organic vegetables, like my friends at DesignFarm do.

4. A million other things?!?!

Have you gone organic at all? What made you decide to do so? What has been your experience.


5 thoughts on “Going Org

  1. Tammy McLeod says:

    I have gone pretty much organic. I’m inspired by the fact that you dropping dairy caused you to lose 15 pounds. I’ve tried to buy mostly organic cleaning products too.

  2. chris o. says:

    We’re a long way from going fully organic (or vegetarian), but we had more success with our organic garden in the backyard this year (our first), than I expected and it was easier to do than I was expecting too.
    We grew squash (way too much of it), tons of tomatoes, (just about to start picking them, both heirloom and cherry, and they are SO GOOD when picked out of the warm sun), peas, lettuce, carrots, radishes, peppers (jalapeno, bell, and chili), and lots of herbs including basil, thyme, dill, parsley, mint (separated a pot, for mojitos) and (sadly) cilantro.
    I read this book to help me get started: The Vegetable Gardener’s Bible
    Enjoy! And congratulations to you an Danimal on the wedding.

  3. Lindsay Millsap Williams says:

    Wow, C! That’s great about your garden (minus the cilantro part). Impressive! Is this an urban garden? Do you have a yard, or are you doing this roof-top style?

  4. Lindsay says:

    Steph! Thanks for the tip. I desperately need to get a composter that’s easy and doesn’t take up a ton of space. this one looks perfect!

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