Le Tour de France (aka My Christmas)

Happy Tour de France Day, people! Whoopee! Hooray!

Yes, it’s true. I am one of those people. I watch the Tour de France. Me and the 42 other fans of the Tour are sitting in our respective living rooms, completely gripped and excited, watching the first day of the Tour on our TVs.

I live for this day…for this month! I am infatuated with the Tour….with Lance Armstrong…with the color yellow. Love it. Love it. Love it.

This is my Christmas.

I’m serious. I write it on my calendar (all of them). Heck, I make countdown calendars with tear-off sheets, literally counting down to the first Saturday of July in sheer anticipation of this day. I prepare special foods to celebrate this great day (croissants today, croque monsieurs for the first mountain stage). I invite unwitting people over to watch exciting stages and wine and dine them only as the French would.

I even get dressed-up for the occasion…like right now (this is me wearing my Tour de France yellow cycling jersey that I can’t wear in public for fear of getting shot or hit by a cynical driver). It’s a disease. I can’t help it.

I wonder if this has anything to do with me being a little bit of a loner. Hmmm…

The Tour de France is one of my most favorite things in life. In fact, in my “Favorite Things” list, it ranks second. Here’s the list…

My Top 5 Most Favorite Things

1. Dan-the-man
2. Tour de France
3. Airplanes
4. Pizza (thin crust)
5. French Fries

I’m really quite simple. It doesn’t take much to make me happy. But right now…my head is about to explode! I’m practically tripping all over myself, running around in circles and clapping my hands. I think I even shot up in bed this morning as soon as I realized it was…morning, and yelled “The Tour begins today!!!” I might have even peed in my pants a little. It happens.

Do you watch the Tour? If not the Tour, what’s the kind of event or holiday that makes you run around in circles and clap your hands?

Time to watch the Tour. Au revoir, mon cheri!

2 thoughts on “Le Tour de France (aka My Christmas)

  1. Lindsay Millsap Williams says:

    Just testing out this old comment thing. Looks like it works. Great post, by the way, Linds. Well done!

  2. K-Diddy says:

    I didn’t make the top 5. booo! Did I make the top 10?

    I had no idea you loved pizza! We should go to the new place at Hilldale for PIZZA! (no, not Pasqual’s)

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