A Bad Romance Wedding

July 1, 2010
In a nutshell, my little brother rocks.  ROCKS.  His name is Kevin. This is him…

Well, as a little surprise for our wedding day, Kevin planned and organized a Flash Mob dance for the reception.  He managed to con nearly all of our 35 bridesmaids into participating in this magical dance.  Kevin, being a major fan of Lady Gaga, chose the song “Bad Romance”, and had his fabulous friends teach him the choreography for the dance.  THEN, while I was getting all gussied up for the big day, Kevin taught all of the GORGEOUS gals the dance…in the bathroom of our hotel.  Impressive!

They all did an amazing job.  People can’t stop watching the video.  In fact, we really want Kevin to be on the “Ellen” show to perform it for the world.  Our good friend, Greg Mulvey of Presto Wedding Films, captured this rockin’ flash mob for your viewing pleasure.

So, sit back and enjoy ‘A Bad Romance Wedding – Dan & Lindsay’!

3 thoughts on “A Bad Romance Wedding

  1. sunnydawnsummers says:

    Lindsay, LOVE reading your posts, and watched this video in awe. Adding you to my blogroll on newtotheorleans.wordpress.com… a little smattering about local life in NOLA. We have cheese too. But it’s fried. xxx Sunny Dawn Summers

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